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Yep, you best believe it.  Like you best believe Climate Change is happening.
We’ve factored the travel impact of every member of Spruced. That’s all commuting, driving and flying.  All offset.
Every piece of printed material is recycled and we have still gone onto offset the carbon created from its production.
All the electricity used.  It’s all carbon offset…and then some.
We don’t want to be just another company focused on profits.  We want to make a difference.
We want to lead our industry and set an example to others on how to operate responsibly.

We’re close, but not yet.
Where we have control, we have changed to energy providers that offer 100% renewable energy plans.
We’re on track to have our first electric van to replace the petrol cars of the cleaners.  However until the local councils provide charging stations, many cleaners don’t have a way to charge the electric vehicles over night.  We’re doing everything we can and we will be putting pressure on the councils and governments to provide everyone the means of going electric.

You get to choose.  We are affiliated with Take3.org and Plant a Tree.
Every clean we complete ensures enough is donated to either;
1) help Take 3 to educate one person on the importance of clean and healthy oceans via their training and initiatives
2) plant one more tree to help soak up more Carbon, make the world greener and pump more of that life giving oxygen into our atmosphere
You get to choose which of these organisations gets the support from your clean

Unfortunately everyone at Spruced needs a little rest at the end of the day.  You can contact the office anytime between 8am-5pm during the week.
Outside of these hours you can enter into your client portal to make and adjust bookings, check appointments, get your payments up to date etc….  We’ll then get your changes or communications as soon as we’re in the office on the next business day.
NB:  often we’re working late or over the weekend, so feel free to send an email through and sometimes you’ll get lucky outside of office hours.

However you would like (as long as it’s safe for them!)
If you are not home to let the cleaner in then we strongly recommend that you acquire a lockbox.  The lockbox allows you to safely leave your keys in a secure box and you can provide the 4-digit code to the cleaner.  These cost around $50.
You can choose to use less secure places to leave the keys or to even provide your cleaner with their own copy.  Please note, that as detailed in our Terms & Conditions, the home owner retains responsibility for the security of their home and takes on the associated risks of leaving keys in ‘hidden’ places or making spare copies of keys that they give out.

Other than entry into your property, you don’t need to provide the cleaner with anything else.
The cleaner will bring along their own products and equipment.  If you would prefer that they use your items, then simply advise us the day before the appointment.
NB:  If you have marble or any other sensitive surfaces that could react to acidic or alkaline chemicals, then you must notified the office and the cleaner.  We then recommend you provide a product suitable for that surface.

Each service level has a list of tasks that are included.   Anything outside of this list is excluded from the service unless otherwise agreed.
If something is excluded but you would like it done then please notify the office and cleaner atleast one day before and we’ll do our utmost to arrange this.
Please be aware that we will never ask your cleaner to do something that puts them in danger.  The cleaner will only be able to access areas to clean that are open, free of danger and can be reached from a safe, stable footing.

You can change or cancel 24/7 via your customer log in here.  Please note that your changes will not be received until someone is in the office.
To speak with someone directly, make contact with us via Phone or Chat (office hours: 8am-4pm Mon-Fri)
Often we’re on emails and phones outside of the hours so try reaching us and you may get lucky.
Please be aware that any change or cancellation must happen the business day before your appointment.
Your cleaner will have made themselves free for your appointment and therefore any change or cancellation with less notice does incur a fee;
- same-day cancellation: $50
If a cleaner arrives to the appointment but is not provided access then we will try all methods to contact you to find out what the cleaner should do.  If they have arrived at your property and it cannot be accessed then we reserve the right to charge the full appointment cost.

You will be sent an appointment reminder the day before your appointment.
You can find out your arrival time by logging in to the client portal 24hours before your appointment.
We provide each client with an estimated arrival window of 1 hour (i.e. an arrival between 9:30am-10:30am).  As there are factors outside of the cleaners control (previous appointments, traffic, parking etc….) we cannot provide an exact arrival time.

We accept all credit & debit cards and you can make a secure payment via your client portal.
Sorry, no cash.
For new clients, payment must be made in advance of the appointment.
Once you’re a regular, you can nominate a card for future debits and this will automatically happen on the day of your appointment.
You can view your past invoices at any time in your client portal.

If you ever encounter an issue, have a concern or general feedback then you can reach us via Phone, Email, Text or website Chat during office hours.  We always want to hear from you.
If you’re not completely satisfied by your clean, please provide us photos of the issue within 24hours.  The photo(s) can be sent via email to help@sprucedhomes.com.au
The issue is then reviewed and we’ll send a cleaner round to remedy your concern.
After the remedy, if you’re still not satisfied with the work then we will issue you a refund for the issue.  Refunds will be processed within 24hours but may take 2-5 business days to clear onto your card from our payment provider.