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Our Mission

Plant a Tree Initiative

We love making things better. Your home and the environment. That’s why we donate money from every clean so a native Tree is planted in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor. For more information on the amazing work and importance of this mission, please see visit the Carbon Neutral website here (https://carbonneutral.com.au)

Global Carbon Levels

We’re proud to be Carbon Neutral.
We've made sure that everything we do is Carbon Offset. All the cleaners driving, directors travel for client meetings, printing of marketing material on 100% recycled paper, all our office power and even the power of our home offices. Everything is Carbon Offset.

Why stop there? By mid-2020 we want to operate exclusively on renewable energy, including our working vehicles.

At the moment, global CO2 emissions are about 37 BILLION (37,000,000,000) tonnes a year, and we're on track to raise temperatures by 3 degrees within 80 years.

To have a shot at maintaining a climate suitable for humans, the worlds nations have to reduce CO2 emissions drastically from current levels - to perhaps 15 - 20 billions tonnes per year by 2030. Then, through some kind of unprecedented political and industrial effort, we need to bring carbon emissions to ZERO by 2050.
Jon Gerter, 22 February 2019.

Consistantly Amazing

We want our customers to know their cleaner and all members of our company. In an age of connectivity, lets bring back that personal service. We record your preferred cleaner and automatically offer your clean to them. You can tailor which service best suits you. Choose from our Light, Traditional and Premium cleans or tell us exactly what you want done each time.
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